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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of materals can you engrave or mark? Between our YAG laser and CO2 laser we can mark and engrave virtually all classes of metals, with or without coatings , and most synthetics and man-made materals.

2. Should parts be marked before or after coating? We recommend marking after the coating process, the laser will seal its' own mark in most cases.

3. What type of fonts and graphic capability does Mid-Michigan Laser have? Everything is computer generated. We have literally thousands of different fonts available, and we can duplicate most any logo or graphic your company might need. Speciality markings like barcode are also available.

4. Can Mid-Michigan Laser handle JIR requirements? We have close relations with all of our customers, and work with them dilligently to ensure that all of their delivery and quality requirements are satisfied.

5. Is Mid-Michigan Laser ISO or QS certified? At this time, we are not. But, our quality manual and standards are designed to those specifications.

6. How can you save money? If your employees are not marking parts, then they can be making more parts, lowering your per piece cost.
"You Make The Parts We Lase The Marks"
Mid-Michigan Laser, LLC