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Mid-Michigan Laser, LLC

Welcome to Mid-Michigan Laser
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How does this benefit my company?
"You Make The Parts We Lase The Marks"



Are you in need of a high quality engraving or marking for your products or parts? Let Mid-Michigan Laser service you as one of our valued customers. We can provide you with the unique combination of speed, permanence, quick turnaround and quality.

Antiquated methods just cannot compete in today's fast moving markets, so step up to the future and let us show you how we can help your company be more productive, more on-time and higher quality with just one simple call. Just call 517-990-0620 for a laser fast quote.
1. Laser system is computer based- highly repetitive, dependable, clear/concise every time, and with flexible sizing.

2. No physical or thermal damage to interior of parts, or surrounding surfaces.

3. Elimination of stocks or supplies for other marking methods.

4. No inks or chemicals used or needed for the process.

5. Eliminates need to adhere to EPA guidelines for your marking needs.

6. Lasing your company logo on your parts let's anyone know where to get more of the same pretty inexpensive advertisment.
Mid-Michigan Laser, LLC
2500 W. Argyle St.
Jackson, MI 49202
Tel 517-990-0620
Fax 517-990-0621

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